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Winter Supply (10 soups)
Deborah Mitchell
Fancy Soup

I love the soups made by Forever Green. Each flavor is unique and so satisfying. The different blends are like making fancy soup. They're so easy to make to.

Sweet Potato Chili
Audra Penque

I was first introduced to the coconut curry product at a venue event. I was absolutely blown away. We purchased 3 different soups that day. Needless to say I have went and purchased 5 more recently from their website and we love every is a hearty wholesome soup that taste like it came from grandma’s kitchen.

Sweet Potato Chili
Nicole Dammann
The Soup Mixes are Delicious!!

It's hard to pick a favorite soup mix. I would recommend trying them all. You won't be disappointed.

Coconut Curry
John D.
Outstanding flavor!

I've tried 2 products so far, the coconut and curry soup and also the garlic cabbage and quinoa...both are excellent. I really dislike coconut and curry but the flavor is so perfect in this soup, I can't stop eating it!! Amazing quality and value, I've served it to friends who thought I fussed for hours, which I've been known to's a great value and a staple in my pantry glad I found you guys at the Home Show, I'll be a life long customer for sure!!!

Try One of Each (5 soups)
Barbara Nypaver
Really enjoyed the soups I tried.

I normally don't give reviews, but I thoroughly enjoyed the 4 diferent soups we tried. They we easy to make and tasty. I will buy more for next soup season.

Spring Veggie
Tara Schallom
Quick Easy Delisious Family Meals Made Easy and Responable

We came across ForeverGreen products at the Home Garden Show in Ohio, and the samples were absolutely delicious. We bought three bags at the show to start and since they were a big hit at home, our first real purchase was a week or two later. 8 bags for 88 dollars is an amazing deal in today's high-priced grocery market. That is $11 a bag, with the recommended recipes on the back (if you shop at Aldi's), the 7 portion sizes make these meals run anywhere between $20 to $30 bucks. (That is cheaper than what you would pay at any restaurant now for your family.) If you are only buying for yourself, one bag is a week's worth of breakfast, lunches, or dinners.

Now it is just the veggies and spices so you will have to add some things to it, but this just allows you to be creative in the kitchen or you can just follow the listed recipes on the back of the packaging.

Either way, you have a healthy 7 portion meal ready in under an hour. If you have children like mine who are extremely picky eaters/ non-eaters or sensory eaters, then maybe this might work for you and your family too. They enjoy the flavors, and they are getting healthy, quality, no preservatives, no processed food. I highly recommend this to anyone. Also, we are primitive campers and this makes planning campfire meals easy too. Easy to pack as well. Can't wait to see what other combinations they come out with in the future.

Hearty and filling soup!

Tried the Spring Veggie and it was so hearty and tasty. You could easily add veggie broth to extend the amount and it’s still hearty and delicious!

Stuffed Pepper & Lentil
Susan Grolemund
Best Stuffed Pepper Soup


Sweet Potato Chili
christina Floyd
Great soup

Sweet potato chili and red pepper are the best!

Spring Veggie
Sandra Parkhurst
Great Product

It makes mealtime so much easier. I don’t have to peel and cut veggies, and best of all my family loves it. Also, I like coming up with my own recipes, because the ingredients are simple enough to play with.

Sweet Potato Chili
Michael Fasnacht
Easy and Healthy

Soup takes 30 mins total to make and is easy, healthy, and delicious. Great for both serving guests and meal prepping for a healthy week!

Wonderful and filling. So easy to make.

Coconut curry

The soup was tasty. We used ground chicken for the protein. It turned out great. It’s easy, fast, and full of flavor.

Spring Veggie
Judith Knapp
Quick healthy and yummy!

I’ve been picking up these soup mixes at the local farmer’s market all summer. For the holidays I got a big order to share with family and give as gifts. Every mix I’ve had is most tasty. Being a lazy cook, I especially appreciate the easy prep.

Love these!

Exquisite flavors