About Us

Dustin & Shita are the husband-wife team behind the creation of SuperSOUP.  

SuperSoup was born out of an act of faith, a love for soup and a desire to make it healthy.  Combining hearty ingredients with medicinal herbs, SuperSoup is meant to be a super quick and easy way to keep your immune system strong, your body fed and your soul nourished all year long!

"We created our company with the mission to reconnect people back to a more natural way of living and specifically, eating.  SuperSOUP's goal is simple: to bring people a delicious and nutritious product that helps them do just that.  My wife always says its the Love of the Lord and the Love of Soup combined, so we hope that everyone who tries it feels and tastes that love too."

- Dustin, co-founder


The founders have a holistic lifestyle that revolves around their faith, their garden and their community.